Family Hutstein(er) in Lower Bavaria and Upper Austria descended from the small hamlet of Hutstein. All descendants of this hamlet were called "Hutsteiner". One family line lost it's ending "-er" in beginning of the 19th century. First known occurence of the name Hutstein in this region is 1509.


Upper 4 granges: hamlet Hutstein (Upper Austria), former parish of Wegscheid, Lower Bavaria.

In the front: Vatersreith. The Hutstein is located in the upper left forest.

View to the Holzsteiner forest located on the upper right corner of previous photo.

On the right side a part of hamlet Hutstein


Coat of Arms or any castles our family obviously never possesed, but I was told during my researches that within The Hutstein a ghost should live.

When I started to search for the HUTSTEIN I met an elderly women who reminded me not to wake the forest ghost ('Waldmännchen') living in the little cave of the HUTSTEIN

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Karte zum Namen Hutstein

Verteilung des Nachnamens  Hutstein

Die Herkunft deines Namens?

"Nur wer die Vergangenheit kennt, kann die Gegenwart erkennen und die Zukunft bestimmen."